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white widow seeds

White Widow Cannabis Seeds create some of the most sought after marijuana on the market. Whether you’re wanting to try this legendary strain or intrigued by the mystery of its origin, it’s important to do your research before you begin growing.

Because of how amazing this weed’s reputation is, you want to do everything in your power to ensure a successful harvest. This means being fully knowledgeable in all aspects of the strain.

We’ve compiled a list of essential information to get you started on your growing journey. Here’s everything you need to know about buying, growing, and smoking White Widow.

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Sativa / IndicaIndoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
40% / 60%18 ounces per square meter21 ounces or more per plant8 to 9 weeks indoors, end of October outdoors.

All About White Widow Strain

As mentioned earlier, the origin of White Widow is still a big mystery in the pot community. However, there are several things we know about the strain and the growing conditions it thrives in.


White Widow pot seeds are a cross between a Brazilian Sativa strain and a South Indian Indica strain.

White Widow has a THC level that is a little below average, 14% to 18%. The Indica side of the strain does help the weed produce a heavy resin, though.

Growing Conditions

Based on information gathered by ILGM, White Widow marijuana seeds are fairly easy to grow. The particular strain is highly resistant to mold, making it great for newer growers.

Feminized seeds are preferred for the most reliable harvest, of course. You should follow general guidelines for growing Indica blends. Be sure to trim from the top so that sunlight can penetrate the plant.

You will need to closely monitor temperature and feeding, as Marijuana Seeds suggests that White Widow pot seeds are highly sensitive to these two factors.

You can expect the average harvest to yield up to 2oz. per square foot, the flowering time is 7-9 weeks.

White Widow Attributes

While White Widow Cannabis seeds grow like an Indica strain, the Sativa side of this blend shines through during the high. If you’re looking for an energizing weed, then this is definitely the one for you.

Smell and Taste

White Widow Strain has a primarily herbal taste with a strong presence of pepper. Hints of citrus give the strain a little dimension, but it isn’t primarily loved for its flavor.

The High

White Widow provides a very strong, energized high that can foster creativity. If you have a ton of house work that needs to get done, White Widow will definitely help you.

Side Effects

White Widow strain can cause an intense case of the munchies, as well as dry mouth. So, it’s important to stock up on snacks and drinks before your smoke session.


One of the most detailed reviews of White Widow comes from IlGM. One user describes the experience as a strong head high that eventually radiates through to the body. He noticed a heavy increase in energy, as well as heightened concentration.

Overall, White Widow marijuana Seeds are perfect for anyone looking to continue their daily tasks at a heightened level of productivity. If you’re interested in variations of this strain, check out our blog posts on Blue Widow and White Russian.

When you’re ready to start growing, we can help you find the best sellers in your area. Just head over to our seed banks page, and we will get you ready to grow!



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