Where Do Your Seeds Come From?

Seeds come from a seed bank, and you simply need to know where you are looking, what you can expect from these seed banks, and how they can help you. As you read this information, remember that every company is slightly different. If you are checking out a seed bank that has been recommended to you, there is no guarantee that that seed bank will right for you. You may enjoy working with a completely different company, or you might want to try more than one as you learn about shopping with seed banks.

You also need to know what shopping with these companies will be like. You have to find a partner that makes your life so easy you almost do not even think about buying your seeds. At the same time, you need a partner that can answer your questions, show you what they would do in your situation, and help you avoid any problems that you might have had in the past.

Contrary to popular belief: Seed banks are not selling overpriced seeds. These seed banks are cultivating seeds that will work for growers anywhere. Seed banks are dedicated to cultivating and developing betters seeds so that the cannabis industry can grow safely while giving the customer the best quality product.

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Looking to buy Feminized marijuana seeds? Check out these variety of seeds for just about every strain you can think of.

Check out the new seeds on the market. Buy fresh, try a new seed, and expand your business.

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Buy the top Autoflower seeds that are proven to work and provide you with value for your money.

Buy the top seeds that are proven to work and provide you with value for your money.

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Check out all the CBD Hemp seeds available on the market that you should get to know.

Check out all the seeds available on the market that you should get to know.

The Top 10 Best Seed Banks by Australian Seed Banks 


Mediseed Man

Mediseed Man tops our list as the best seed bank for Australian customers. Mediseed Man provides you with top notch seeds that you need to try. When we took a look at this company they had some of the best strains that we could find anywhere.
They have feminised seeds, autoflower, and CBD seeds that are perfect for medicinal use, and they even offer free seeds in reyurn for a positive review. You are getting a lot of value when you shop here, and they will guarantee free Australia wide shipping on any order. That is one of the best guarantees that you can get in the industry. You also get germination guarantee with this company, and they allow you to pay with bank transfer, cash, or Bitcoin. All in all, they provide you with everything you need.
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I Love Growing Marijuana undoubtedly have big selection
of marijuana seeds ranging from feminized, autoflower, high CBD and more! ILGM was created in 2012 by Robert Bergman, a marijuana industry vet, who along with some friends created our favorite and most trusted seed bank. So what makes ILGM stand out from other marijuana breeders? Well it’s simple, they provide the highest quality and variety seeds out of the group. ILGM also provides some of the best customer service we’ve seen, even going above and beyond to replace seeds that may have been damaged in shipment. They also provide discrete, free shipping to each and every U.S. states. To top everything off, ILGM’s website provides the best marijuna resources out there, from cannabis strain reviews to growing guides for beginners and advanced growers alike!
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Azarius has a very cool name and an even cooler background. This company has a massive catalog of breeders that you have to see to believe.
Because the catalog is so big, you will never get bored. You can try something new every time you need to buy.The packages are all secured and insured before they are shipped, but the company does need to limit its destinations just a bit. This might be the only thing that will put a damper on your purchase.Otherwise, the company has a large catalog of other products that are not seeds, and you might want to start shopping here because there is so much you want to try.You can pay with a credit card, bank wire, cash, or Bitcoin for each order, and you can pick up quality seeds from many different breeders.
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Auto Seeds

Auto Seeds is another of the major seed banks that provides you with a wide range of seeds. However, this company wants to give you the best
autoflowering seeds you can find. They have made a name for themselves by becoming the experts in the autoflowering trade, and they have potent and high-yielding strains that you need to try.Auto Seeds wants to make growing as simple as possible for you, and they have done that with a wide range of strains that will all autoflower. This is especially good for people who are new to the trade and do not know where to start.They guarantee worldwide shipping, and they give you free seeds with every order. You can get started easily, and you can sample something new just for fun. They even have won awards for the genetic adjustments they have made to their seeds.You can pay with a credit card, bank wire, cash, money order, or Bitcoin when you place your order today.
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420 Seeds

420 Seeds hits the nail on the head with their name, and they provide you with a range of seeds that could be regular, feminized, or even auto strains.
Because you get such a nice selection here, it is easy to see why people love them so much.We believe they offer the best price for the quality of seeds that you get, and they will guarantee worldwide shipping on your order. You will get free seeds with your order, and you can try something new as you attempt to expand your operation. While they may have a limited range of seeds, they have everything you need.You can pay with a credit card, bank wire, cash, money order, or Bitcoin today. They have made buying seeds easy for anyone from the novice grower to the expert.
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Sensi Seeds

Credit Card, Bank Wire, Cash When Donkers first starting experimenting with seeds, he did not know what the results would be. Once he had some success with
his seeds, he opened Sensi Seeds in 1997. By doing this, he was able to start one of the older seed businesses in the industry His entire family works for the company, and they handle everything from IT to the cultivation of the seeds. Sensi Seeds is one of the largest seeds banks that you can work with, and they have created strains like Big Bud, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Purple Bud, and Hindu Kush. When you place your order with this innovative family business, you can pay with cash, credit card, or bank wire. They make buying seeds easy, and they have always been on the cutting edge of technology in the industry.
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The Original Sensible Seed Company

With a name like The Original Sensible Seed Store, you would think that this company dated back to the turn of the 20th Century.
They are not quite that old, but they do date back to 1992. Back then, the owner of the company traveled to Amsterdam to learn about hybrid seeds, hydroponic growing, and even creating equipment for the business. As the company grew, the owner traveled to Spain to learn more about the industry, and they now have one of the largest catalogs of products that you will find. The company will take your order with a credit card, bank wire, cash, or Bitcoin. They have always been innovating, and they can give you some advice along the way if you need it.
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Nirvana does not smell like ‘Teen Spirit’, but the company started when Mau was working at Positronics. This grow shop in Amsterdam
was a place where many people found all the seeds they need. He decided to travel the world when he stopped working at the shop, and he planned to cultivate his own seeds. He wanted to learn about hybrids, and he started to cross-breed his own strains. Now that the company has developed so many strains and seeds, you can benefit from their expertise. You can place your order and pay with a bank wire, cash, or Bitcoin.
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Bonza Seed Bank

The Bonza Seed Bank offers more than a kangaroo on its logo. This shop has grown over the years to offer strains from practically
every grower that you can find. This is a very good place to buy, and they provide their customers with the best range of seeds that you will find. They wanted to work with every breeder, and they have succeeded. They have over 100 breeders listed in their catalog, and a customer could buy thousands of different seeds depending on what they need. Because they carry so many Indica and Sativa strains, they make it easy for you to start growing, expand your business, and buy from one source. You can pay with a credit card or Bitcoin when you are ready to order, and you can try something new every time you buy.
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Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is a simple place to buy your seeds, and they offer some of the best customer service in the industry.
The company offers genetically-modified seeds that will work perfectly for you, and they actually have a physical store that allows you to meet the staff, ask questions, and see the seeds for yourself. You can use their website to shop, and you can ask their customer service team questions about their products.You can pay with a credit card, bank wire, cash, money order, or Bitcoin when you shop with the Ministry of Cannabis, and you can easily afford to expand your business, try new seeds, and change the direction of your business.
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We have collected quite a lot of information about seed banks for your purposes. You need to know where you can shop, and you should be allowed to buy with confidence. If you like one of these shops, let us know so that we can update their information. We want you to have the power to grow your brand quickly, and we will help you get any additional information you need at any time.