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Purple Kush Seeds

Purple Kush is the ideal strain for someone looking to grow weed that will put them to sleep. It is a pure Indica weed, and will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Before you begin to grow, though, you need to do your research. We’ve compiled all of the most pertinent information from across the web into a single page.

From what to look for when buying Purple Kush Cannabis seeds to what you’ll experience when you smoke it, we’re here to share our knowledge with you. Let’s get you ready to grow!

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Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
0% / 100%15oz/ m29oz/ plant8 weeks indoors, mid to late September outdoors.

All The Technicals


Like most strains of Kush, Purple Kush originates in the Middle East. Particularly, the weed comes from Afghanistan. According to Lift, the Purple modifications originated somewhere in Oakland, California.


Purple Kush Cannabis seeds will grow a 100% Indica strain. It’s a combination of Hindu Kush and an unspecified purple variety.

Because of its origin, the strain has a reputation for making high quality resin. This makes it perfect for the variety of users.

It’s flowers have a popcorn-like structure and are very dense. Coloring is a mix between purple and green, with more leanings toward purple.

Growing Information

There are several keys to growing a great harvest of Purple Kush Weed Seeds.

Some people will attempt to grow a fully purple harvest by starving their plants of CO2. This is highly discouraged and can ruin your entire crop.

This strain can be grown inside or outside. If you grow inside, you’re looking at a flowering time of 7-8 weeks. It will grow in short bushes, so indoor growth is ideal. Soil is also preferred to hydroponics.

As your crop grows, you’ll want to trim the main bud. This will yield several large buds, rather than one giant one. A late September harvest is recommended.


Purple Kush has won many awards, making it a safe bet for most growers. It typically rates in the top ten, with SeedFinder citing an 8th place award at the 2016 Karma Cup.

The Experience

While having a successful harvest is important, you should also know what kind of reward you’ll receive. After all that time and effort put in, you don’t want to be disappointed with the experience. Here’s exactly what you can expect:

Smell and Taste

Purple Kush strain has a primarily herbal taste integrated with pine and hints of pepper. There’s also a secondary flavor that is very sweet and representative of berries or grapes.

Because the earthy flavors are more prominent, you can expect a similar type of smell.


Because Purple Kush Weed Seeds yield a fully Indica strain, you can plan to become very tired. Depending on your state of mind and tolerance level, this could cause a range of effects.

On the low end of the spectrum, you’re probably going to be very zoned out and yawn often. On the higher end, expect to fall asleep quickly and get a full night’s rest.

If you’re looking for a fully Indica strain with a great reputation, then this purple variation of Kush is the way to go. There’s no time like the present to start your growing process, so go ahead and visit our seed banks page to find a seller near you!



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