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Where to Buy Indoor Cannabis Seeds

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When you picture a marijuana farm, you might picture dozens of acres with thousands of plants growing in neat rows like cornstalks. While outdoor farms are popular and profitable, an increasing number of suppliers have started growing their products indoors. As ILGM points out, growing indoors has several advantages. You have more control over the environment, you don’t have to worry about bugs or pests, and you can stagger your plants to have multiple harvests. And if you grow with feminized indoor cannabis seeds rather than a combination of male and female seeds, you’ll have yields with a virtually 100% success rate that keeps you smoking all year round.

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia?

According to Weed Maps, recreational marijuana is illegal everywhere in Australia except the capital, Canberra. Adults who live in Canberra are allowed to possess up to 50 grams of marijuana and grow up to two plants per person, with a limit of four plants per household. Medical marijuana is legal throughout the country, but it’s strictly regulated and must be prescribed by a doctor. Patients might be prescribed marijuana to deal with conditions like seizures, nausea and vomiting, and chronic pain.

Growing marijuana is illegal everywhere in Australia except Canberra. However, adults are allowed to buy cannabis seeds without germinating them. If they’re not planted, they’re viewed as an “adult novelty” gift. It’s perfectly legal to stock up on seeds now and plant them once marijuana is fully legalized in Australia.

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Advantages of Growing Cannabis Seeds Indoors

If you’ve got room in your house for an indoor farm, growing cannabis indoors comes with a myriad of advantages. When you grow outdoors, you’re essentially at the mercy of nature. You can’t control the temperature or the weather–some days your plants will be baking in the sunlight, while other days they’ll be drenched in rainwater. Bugs, fungi, and other pests can attack your plants and destroy the entire crop in a matter of weeks. You can spray your crop down with pesticides, but then you’re potentially exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Animals can also uproot your plants, and thieves have been known to take a plant or two. Growing outside can be convenient in some ways, but you also have little control over the elements.

When you grow indoors, you have complete control over your plants’ environment. You control how much water your cannabis gets, how much sunlight it receives, and what kind of soil it’s planted in. You don’t have to worry about harsh temperatures killing your plants–in fact, you can have a steady cycle of plants growing year-round. Your plants will also be free from bugs, pests, and animals, and you can use few–if any–chemicals to protect your crops. You also won’t have to expose yourself to the elements by standing outside in boiling heat or torrential rainfall.

Growing indoors also allows you to keep the process discrete. Cannabis is still illegal in most of Australia, and having a massive outdoor farm would probably attract the attention of law enforcement. Cannabis farms also prime targets for thieves, so you’ll need a security system if you plan on growing outdoors. Indoor farms are much safer and more secluded. You can keep the process under wraps while still enjoying the fruits of your labor.

When you grow indoors, you can also stagger your plants so you can have a constant cycle of product throughout the year. You can set aside one room for growing and one room for flowering, and alternate the plants as they go through each process of the cycle. Unlike outdoor farms, where you’re bound to the natural seasonal changes, growing indoors lets you cultivate, flower, and harvest at any time of the year. Indoor plants also typically have higher yields, as you don’t have to worry about losing any crops to bugs, animals, or inclement weather.

Most Popular Indoor Cannabis Seeds

Can you grow any cannabis strain indoors? Technically, you can, but some strains are better suited for indoor growth than others. Every strain has its own set of requirements for lighting, temperature, humidity, and other factors. If you can’t provide that exact climate indoors, you risk losing the entire crop. For this reason, it’s wise to look for the best indoor sativa strains as you browse the online seed banks.

When you search online, you’ll find dozens of seed banks offering hundreds of seeds with various yields, requirements, and CBD and THC levels. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing in Australia. All these seeds can be ordered from the ILGM website with a few clicks of a mouse.

OG Kush Strain
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1. OG Kush

This strain is so popular that even non-smokers are familiar with the name “kush.” OG Kush produces the classic euphoric high that washes away all your troubles and makes you feel like you’re floating on air. The strain contains up to 19% THC and less than one percent CBD. If you can provide a warm climate indoors, OG Kush is one of the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing. The strain is small and compact, so it won’t take up a lot of room and takes about two months to produce a decent harvest.

Super skunk strain
Buy Super Skunk Seeds

2. Super Skunk Autoflower

If you’re looking for the best in indoor auto-flowering cannabis seeds, Super Skunk Autoflower is a small, easygoing plant that offers intense relaxation. Super Skunk Autoflower contains up to 14% THC and less than one percent CBD. It gives users a deep, physical sense of calm while also keeping their minds clear and alert. Super Skunk is great for people who like to relax after a long day. It also has a short flowering period, meaning you can grow multiple crops throughout the year. Autoflowering plants flower automatically without the grower adjusting their light, making them great for beginning growers.

Strawberry Kush
Buy Strawberry Kush Seeds

3. Strawberry Kush

As the name suggests, Strawberry Kush offers a delicious fruity flavor that’s potent but not overwhelming. The plant contains up to 18% THC and less than one percent CBD. Strawberry Kush is great for beginning smokers because it offers a euphoric high that makes you feel alert instead of drowsy. The plant grows quickly and typically remains small when it’s grown indoors. You won’t have to set aside a lot of space for it, but you will have to check on it regularly.

Buy California Dreams Seeds

4. California Dream

If you’re looking for indoor cannabis seeds for sale, California Dream is one of the best products on the market. California Dream boasts high levels of THC–up to 24%–as well as a small percentage of CBD. This strain offers an intense, dreamlike high that gives you feelings of euphoria while also increasing your focus. This plant does well indoors, though it grows quickly and tends to branch out. Make sure you’ve got enough space for this iconic strain in your grow room. Experts recommend keeping the soil fertilized, as California Dream requires a lot of nutrients.

Blue Cheese
Buy Blue Cheese Seeds

5. Blue Cheese

Popular with medical marijuana users, Blue Cheese offers a gentle, relaxing high that also eases chronic conditions like pain and muscle spasms. This strain contains up to 19% THC and less than one percent CBD. The strain takes a little over two months to grow and produces an average yield. Blue Cheese requires relatively cool temperatures, so make sure it doesn’t get too hot in your grow room.



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