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How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds Easily at Home

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Who doesn’t want his or her 420 sessions to continue for the longest time? Growing your herb right at your home garden ensures that you have access to high quality herb whenever you want. This is because with proper planning, you could be harvesting the best quality strain of cannabis from your garden. With guaranteed harvests, you will never have to wait for your weed plug to deliver strains with fluctuating quality.

Growing your weed begins with acquiring high quality seeds that have been carefully selected to ensure maximum germination. If you find out you have more seeds than you need, do not let them go to waste. With the right cannabis seed storage strategies, your weed seeds can last for a long time.

Weed seed storage can be a tricky affair for amateur weed growers, but it does not take a lot of expertise to crack it. With the right conditions, your seed storage tactics can see to it that you have good quality weed seeds for up to 3 years.

What are the seeds to preserve?

Sort out your seeds carefully in order to differentiate the seeds you need to use right away from the ones that are viable for preservation. It is important to note that cannabis seeds have a protective shell that protects the delicate internal parts of the seed.

If this protective coating on a weed seed is pricked, consider using that seed right away. This is because weed seed storage requires seeds whose protective coat is intact.

Conditions that can damage stored seeds

After storing your seeds, make sure to guard them against conditions that can stop them from staying in their usable condition for a long time. The three devastating situations that will see your seeds have a reduced lifespan are:

  • Fluctuation in temperature
  • Moisture
  • Light

Temperature fluctuation

Changes in temperature affect your cannabis seed storage efforts by triggering the seeds to start consuming nutrients within them before they are planted. If this happens to your seeds, only a small portion of the seeds will make it to germination when the time comes for you to plant them.

To avoid such a calamity, ensure that you store your seeds where you can keep the temperature levels constant.


Moisture is bad news to seeds. When seeds get into moist surroundings, the protective cover around the seed is damaged, something that reduces the lifespan the seed. An outline of how different levels of moisture affect seeds is given below:

  • 80–100%: Seeds drown and wilt after about 12 hours.
  • 40–60%: Seeds begin to germinate.
  • 18–20%: heating happens, resulting in sweating of your seeds.
  • 12–14%: this amount of moisture allows for fungi to begin growing on your seeds
  • 8–9%: at this moisture level, pests are attracted to your seeds.


Keep your seed storage container away from light. Sunlight is an essential prerequisite for seeds to begin germinating. It would be such a unfortunate event that your seeds begin the germination process when they are still in storage.

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Consider the time you want to store seeds.

Plan for the period you want to keep weed seeds in storage when selecting the method of storage. You cannot store seeds that you will used in the near future in the same storage conditions as the seeds that you want to keep in storage for a long time.

Short-term storage

Cannabis seeds that will be used in a few weeks or months require storage in a cool, dry, and dark place such as a cupboard. Take care that the place is dry to keep out moisture. You can keep them in hand tightened jar and make sure to label it. Alternatively, if you have a cupboard or a drawer that you barely open, you could store your seeds in it.

Long-term storage

When you have many seeds, you want to store them for a longer time. By taking proper measures, your seeds can remain usable even after being in storage for a few years. If you are considering storing weed seeds for such an extended phase, make sure to select only the seeds in almost perfect condition.

Select a jar to put them in, which is preferably opaque. If your jar allows light to pass, consider painting it with a dark color. Fill the jar to the brim to reduce the air that may be held in the empty space in the jar. Lastly, ensure that an airtight lid covers the jar.

Next, you have to select a temperature-controlled environment for your seeds.

Storage in a freezer

A common query that many weed growers have is the viability of storing cannabis seeds in a freezer. Over long periods of time, a freezer serves as a practical place to store your weed seeds. This is because the temperature in a freezer can be controlled and kept constant.

Moisture in the freezer should also not be a problem since temperatures are below freezing levels. The only problem arises if the freezer is opened and closed frequently, thereby exposing the seeds to light.

You can mitigate this by ensuring that the container you have placed your seeds before putting them in the freezer is opaque and that it is covered with a piece of cloth to keep out light.

Retrieving seeds from storage to plant

If you have observed all the conditions for preserving your seeds, a time comes when you need to plant them. Seeds that have been in freezer storage will require to be thawed before they are planted. It is advisable that this is done at room temperature where they are left out for a few hours.

To enable speedy germination, soak seeds in carbonated water the day before you plant them. This will allow moisture to seep through the hard covering of the seed and make it soft.


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