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How to Grow Cannabis – Hydroponics [Beginners Guide]

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Do you want to grow your own weed? If so, here’s a beginner’s guide on how to grow hydroponic marijuana.

Although growing your weed can be complicated and hard at times, it’s very satisfying. Besides, when you grow your plants, you don’t have to worry about quantity and quality, and you can choose a strain that you like.


What is hydroponics cannabis?

This is the process of growing weed using nutrient solutions, normally with an inert medium like gravel or coco coir for support. While you can plant cannabis in nutrient-rich soil, growing hydroponic weed is slowly becoming the most advanced method of planting marijuana.

Growing weed hydroponic provides a lot of advantages for indoor growers such as superior yield in a shorter time frame. Furthermore, using soil for indoor planting can be inefficient due to the following reasons:

  • Susceptibility to pest problems
  • You can’t recycle soil
  • You may need to monitor your soil pH carefully
  • It can be difficult to determine the proper amount of nutrients

When it comes to growing weed hydroponic, there are several methods you can use from simple systems to sophisticated ones, depending on your preference. However, sophisticated systems with reservoirs, timers, and multiple pumps require more maintenance and higher initial investment.

Hydroponic cannabis requires some sort of medium, but your weed can grow straight into the nutrient-rich water, with only the roots submerged. This method makes water and nutrient evaluation easy. You can easily find various nutrients in the market for growing hydroponic weed, such as organic solutions.

Hydroponic nutrients, like some soil nutrients, have additives that adjust water pH automatically, making adjustments and meter readings unnecessary.


How to grow hydroponic marijuana

Whether you’re a beginner or have experience in growing cannabis, hydroponics is a great way to produce weed in any space. Here are some steps that can make the whole process smooth and stress-free.


1. Choose a growing medium

First, you’ll need to purchase and assemble some equipment, including your growing medium. This is the substance that will hold the intersection of your roots and stem in place. There are many different media cultivators use for hydroponic weed.

But, some common examples are:

  • Clay pebbles – perfect for aerating root systems.
  • Perlite – this medium expands when exposed to high temperatures, providing aeration.
  • Rockwool – can retain water, allowing proper hydration.
  • Coco air – good for moisture retention and aeration.

Other equipment you’ll need include a grow table, air pump and air stone, water pump, reservoir, net pots, tubing, 3-gallon bucket, and nutrients.


2. Choose your hydroponics garden system

There are several weed hydroponic garden systems you can choose from. For instance, aeroponics doesn’t use any growing medium, and plant roots are suspended mid-air for oxygen absorption. Drip irrigation is also another garden system great for saving water and nutes.

Other gardening systems include Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow, and Nutrient Film Technique.


3. Select a strain

Strain selection plays a vital role in hydroponic weed since these plants can grow rapidly due to the free uptake of nutrients. Therefore, selecting a large strain isn’t a good idea, especially when your gardening system is within an indoor growing tent.

Instead, go for a compact and smaller strain as it lets you cultivate more plants within a smaller space. This way, you have more diversity and bigger yields.


4. Set up your system

First, set up your reservoir. This holds your nutrient solution. Second, create your grow table to contain and return the excess water from your weed to your reservoir.

Third, fill your 3-gallon bucket with clay pellets. However, soak your pellets overnight before using them to saturate them fully. Next, take the plastic tubing coming off the water pump and run the line to your grow table.

Ensure your air pump is always running to keep water in your reservoir moving and oxygenated. Lastly, create your nutrient water solution in your reservoir and introduce your weed plants.


Germinating marijuana seeds

You can buy marijuana seeds online and set up a garden inside a grow room to germinate them. The price of marijuana seeds usually varies depending on your strain.

Some marijuana seeds you can purchase include BC Big Bud, Blue Widow, Northern Lights, and Purple Kush. Contact us today for more information about marijuana seeds.


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