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Australian Cannabis Laws

The laws in Australia make it so that you can't possess cannabis, grow it or sell it. With that said, one of the things that you will learn is how the laws in each state differ. For some states, you receive no more than a $50 fine, but you have other states where they could charge you with a criminal offense, and you will face either a larger fine, or you will face jail time. Australian legislature in 2006 amended its Australian Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act. Legal in the Territories? Australia is interesting that the ACT became the first jurisdiction in the Land down Under to make it legal to possess cannabis of up to 50 grams. Keep in mind, you still can't possess it in the states without a fine. In some states, you could call it like a parking ticket, but in other cases, it will lead to a court summons. In the territories, adults can possess two plants per person, or they can possess up to four plants per household. Meanwhile, the plants can be accessible to either children or the public. Unlike in parts of the United [...]

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How to Grow Cannabis – Hydroponics [Beginners Guide]

Do you want to grow your own weed? If so, here's a beginner's guide on how to grow hydroponic marijuana. Although growing your weed can be complicated and hard at times, it's very satisfying. Besides, when you grow your plants, you don't have to worry about quantity and quality, and you can choose a strain that you like.   What is hydroponics cannabis? This is the process of growing weed using nutrient solutions, normally with an inert medium like gravel or coco coir for support. While you can plant cannabis in nutrient-rich soil, growing hydroponic weed is slowly becoming the most advanced method of planting marijuana. Growing weed hydroponic provides a lot of advantages for indoor growers such as superior yield in a shorter time frame. Furthermore, using soil for indoor planting can be inefficient due to the following reasons: Susceptibility to pest problems You can't recycle soil You may need to monitor your soil pH carefully It can be difficult to determine the proper amount of nutrients When it comes to growing weed hydroponic, there are several methods you can use from simple systems to sophisticated ones, depending on your preference. However, sophisticated systems with reservoirs, timers, and multiple [...]

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How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds Easily at Home

Who doesn't want his or her 420 sessions to continue for the longest time? Growing your herb right at your home garden ensures that you have access to high quality herb whenever you want. This is because with proper planning, you could be harvesting the best quality strain of cannabis from your garden. With guaranteed harvests, you will never have to wait for your weed plug to deliver strains with fluctuating quality. Growing your weed begins with acquiring high quality seeds that have been carefully selected to ensure maximum germination. If you find out you have more seeds than you need, do not let them go to waste. With the right cannabis seed storage strategies, your weed seeds can last for a long time. Weed seed storage can be a tricky affair for amateur weed growers, but it does not take a lot of expertise to crack it. With the right conditions, your seed storage tactics can see to it that you have good quality weed seeds for up to 3 years. What are the seeds to preserve? Sort out your seeds carefully in order to differentiate the seeds you need to use right away from the ones that [...]

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