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Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds

The Beauty of Cheap Cannabis Seeds

As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread, a lot of people have started growing. There is no doubt the demand for high-quality seeds has increased the price. To make certain the cannabis seeds are good quality, an intricate process is required before the seeds are sold. You can now find a wide variety of cannabis seeds available due to new research, and a lot of technological advancements. For this reason, you will discover planting, growing, and harvesting the seeds is much easier than you think when compared to the processes used during the past.

There are many different types of cannabis seeds you should consider including autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, and feminized seeds. You may also be interested in feminized autoflowering seeds since they are easier to grow. Finding the best quality, and the lowest priced seeds available is important. This will help you save cash when you purchase the seeds you need. The question is whether or not lower cost seeds are worth your money.

The Risks Associated with Discount Marijuana Seeds

Despite so many growers buying low-cost cannabis seeds for the value, you need to understand there are certain risks. There is always a possibility the quality may be unclear. Some marijuana seeds will not germinate, while others are just not viable. There is no guarantee you are getting a good value when you purchase cheap cannabis seeds. You might believe you are purchasing feminized seeds, only to realize what you actually purchased are regular seeds. Purchase at

If you purchase marijuana seeds from a reputable bank, there is often a guarantee provided with the product. The best seed banks are reputable because they are protecting their name and their reputation within the industry. This means even if you pay a little more, you can plant your seeds with confidence.

How to Purchase Cheap Marijuana Seeds

You can find numerous seed banks online if you are interested in growing your own cannabis. Crop King Seeds is one of the highest-quality seed banks. Purchasing seeds from a seed bank is beneficial because you can find all different types of strains despite the actual location of the shop. There are no long lines when you purchase from a seed bank. Your anonymous purchase is made from home, with on-time delivery. Even with the expense of these seeds, you are still paying less.

The Enticement of Discounts and Promotions

Nearly every seed bank you find online has special offers and discounts. Some discounts are more popular than others such as discounts on special varieties of seeds, or the most popular cannabis seeds. You will frequently find promotions in the newer shops. One of the most common is free local delivery or shipment once you have purchased a specific dollar amount of marijuana seeds. Pay attention to discounts and promotions because they are not the same as every shop or seed bank.

Make certain any discount is still valid before making your selection. Look for the terms and conditions on the website to determine if your purchase will qualify for the discount.

Free delivery and shipment for Discount Marijuana Seeds

You will save money by looking for free delivery and shipment. The price of purchasing cannabis seeds online often increases substantially because of the cost of delivery and shipment. Your cost for both shipping and delivery are often extremely high if you order internationally, or if you live in a remote area. You can eliminate these extra charges by ordering from a seed bank offering either international discounts or free delivery.

In most instances, you will not receive these discounts unless you spend a specified amount.

Free Seed Promotions are Available

Another great way to save money is by finding free marijuana seeds available through a special promotion. For every package of seeds you order, some seed banks will include free seeds. The actual number of free seeds depends on the shop or seed bank you are ordering from. You will find certain shops are much more generous than others. In some cases, you can purchase just one package of cannabis seeds, and still receive a good promotion.

There are reasons you should not become too excited over this type of promotion. First of all, you have no idea if the marijuana seeds you are growing are of good quality. Exercise caution when you are growing these cannabis seeds because the quality of the free seeds may be excellent, or it may be extremely poor.

Taking Advantage of Bulk Seed Purchases

Consider purchasing your cannabis seeds in bulk Not only will you save money since you only have to pay for delivery and shipment once, but more marijuana seeds will last longer so you will not need to order as frequently. If you have enough space for growing your cannabis plants either indoors or outdoors, you can also ensure a much larger harvest simply by planting more seeds.

Stealth Delivery is a Great Option for Deals on Pot Seeds

Making certain your marijuana seeds are protected during shipping is extremely important. You will find certain seedbanks provide free stealth shipping with your online order. Unfortunately, many of the seedbanks and shops do not offer this option for free. Depending on which shop you are ordering from, stealth shipping can be expensive. Purchasing cheap seeds also helps

It is important to understand your order has a much better chance of reaching you safely with stealth shipping. Stealth shipping generally means your purchase is shipped in an unmarked package. Gift items are usually included to decrease the risk of detection. The majority of customers using stealth shipping have agreed the additional fee is worth the cost.

Seed Deals

Purchasing Cheap Weed Seeds through Your Local Seed Banks

Another option for finding marijuana seeds cheaper is making your purchase through one of the seed banks in your local community. One of the best advantages is any fees for shipping and delivery do not apply. All you have to do is find the type of seeds you want, bring them home, and grow your cannabis. Do not be concerned if you are asked to show identification. The majority of actual cannabis seed banks will require some type of identification. You can also purchase your seeds online

There is a brief identification process for local purchases. Once complete, you can be assured you will receive your marijuana seeds. Many of the local seed banks carry a limited supply. This means the cannabis seeds you want may not be available, so you will need to wait until the stock has been replenished. If you make your purchase on the internet, your order should arrive fairly quickly. You can save by making a local purchase or buy online. There are a variety of ways you can save cash by buying your marijuana seeds locally. This includes all of the following.

Waiting for Special Events or Seasons Before Making a Purchase

During specific times of the year, marijuana seeds are cheaper. By purchasing before or on April 20th, you will find numerous deals offered by seedbanks including discounts, special deals, and free items. This is how seed banks celebrate. An excellent example is the discounts offered in Las Vegas during the weekends and on Fridays. Look for a theme such as Sativa Wednesday or the popular Indica Friday for special savings. These are great options for purchasing the strains you are interested in locally at excellent prices.

Look for Seed Banks Offering Excellent Deals or Discounts

The majority of seed banks consistently offer special deals and discounts customers look forward to receiving. Canadian seed banks and United States locations give discounts to customers with medical needs, teachers, and students. If you require medical marijuana, you can buy accessories, seeds, and dried buds much cheaper. Special deals are offered if you are interested in landrace, feminized, or auto-flowering strains.

Bulk Purchases

Just like making a bulk online purchase, you can do the same at a local seed bank. Since you will not require marijuana seeds often, you will save cash, effort, and time. Purchasing cannabis seeds in bulk is always cheaper. There will be times when you question the quality of the seeds. Some seeds may have defects, or be a lot older. Before making a bulk purchase, look at the date the cannabis seeds were harvested to help ensure freshness.

Purchasing Cheaper Varieties Instead of the More Popular Strains

When you look around your local seed bank, you will discover a wide difference in pricing. The seeds from regular cannabis plants are cheaper. The most popular strains are always a lot more expensive. This means one of the best ways to save your cash is by purchasing a regular strain locally or online

The Importance of Your Relationship with the Owner of the Seed Bank

Simply being a good customer will result in certain discounts. You can do this by making regular seed purchases from the seed bank, and getting to know the owner on a personal basis. Every time you visit, chat with the owner about anything cannabis. Show the owner you are interested in and dedicated to growing marijuana plants. Referring your friends and family is a good idea. Take the time to speak with the owner during every visit.

Eventually, the owner will realize you are returning consistently, resulting in good discounts. If preferable, shop online

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Growing Your Own Marijuana Seeds

The best way to increase your discounts is by growing your own supply of seeds. You will no longer be dependent on seed banks or shops. Growing your own cannabis seeds is easy. If you have more seeds than you need, give your friends a nice gift, or make money by selling them. The benefits of growing seeds include:

  • Learning how to grow different cannabis strains
  • Planting at any time
  • Eliminating the need to pay for seeds, or wait for your order

General Rules for Purchasing Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Before you make a purchase, always remember when you buy online, the discounts offered and prices by themselves are not enough. You need to be sure you are purchasing from a reliable seed bank with a good reputation Make certain the seed bank or shop has both good reviews and a reputable standing. Check the viability of any cheap cannabis seeds you have purchased before germination.

There are several ways for checking viability. Your seeds should be hard with a dark color, the surface should have light markings, and the seeds should be heavy with the ideal shape. As long as you keep the quality in mind, you do not need to be concerned about buying cheap marijuana seeds.


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