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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Northern Territory

About 147 million people consume cannabis. Cannabis is grown from either seeds or a clone. Growing cannabis from seeds can produce more robust plants with more solid genetics. Commercial growers mostly plant many seeds of one strain, get the best plant, which then provides clones for mass production.

Though Cannabis possession is illegal in Australia, each territory has its rules with different penalties. The cannabis seeds can be bought from seed banks that ship to Australia. Cannabis seeds can help indigestion, heart conditions, skin conditions, and prevention of cancer. Cannabis comes in different strains, as indicated below.

Different Strains of Cannabis

Before selecting cannabis seeds, you should consider your environment to achieve good results when planting. Do not select the wrong strain for your area. Cannabis can be grown either indoors or outdoors. The outdoor climate supports more relaxed flowers and more extended heights for the plants. The cannabis strains are Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid of both.

There are energizing strains that can boost your creativity and relaxing strains that you can use when watching movies. Some of the other popular strains include blackberry strains, white widow, Gorilla glue, and skywalker OG strain.

Legality in Buying Northern Territory Weed Plants

The recreational use of Cannabis in the Northern Territory of Australia is still illegal, though you are free to use cannabis in the Capital city, Canberra. The residents in the capital, Darwin, and other cities in the Northern territory, should, therefore, understand the jail term and penalties associated with possession and personal use of cannabis in the area. The city residents should also understand the fines recovery unit, Darwin.

Penalties for this crime may vary depending on the amount of cannabis found and whether it was meant for sale. When you are caught with fifty grams or less of cannabis or growing two or fewer plants, you will be charged $200 fine. Selling or providing Northern Territory weed plants to minors attracts more severe penalties.

Several states, however, emphasize more on treatment for the people rather than placing charges on them. The way you grow your cannabis also matters in what kind of penalties you get in Australia. When you grow the plant indoors, you will attract more penalties as compared to growing it outdoors. The indoor plants will attract penalty units NT of between $100 – $300 fine.

Australia has taken a couple of steps toward legalizing the usage of cannabis. The authorized medical use of cannabis has been in place since 2016. However, under the medical marijuana laws in Australia, you need a license for the same.

Can you get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

Seed banks that ship to Australia, such as I Love Growing Marijuana, have supplied Australia for over eighteen years. The seed bank provides high-quality cannabis seed strains that can grow well in your environment.

Top Cannabis Seeds in Northern Territory

Cannabis seed strains have different genetics. The seeds include the following:

Bruce Banner Strain Seeds

Bruce banner

These seeds come from the OG Kush and strawberry diesel. They are popular for relaxation, creativity, and high levels of energy. When planted, the flowering takes between eight to ten weeks. They have a slight diesel aroma with sweet earthy flavors.

The Bruce banner strain has a high THC content of between twenty-four percent and twenty-nine percent. The strain leaves users feeling happy and uplifted.

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Auto Mandarine Feminized

Auto Mandarine Feminized

This strain’s flowering process takes between nine to eleven weeks, with a height of fifty to one hundred and ten centimeters when planted indoors. When grown outdoors, it yields forty-five to one hundred and seventy grams per plant. Below are the characteristics of the strain:

  • Relaxing
  • Stress relieving
  • Pain-relieving
  • Anxiety Relieving

Since it’s Indica dominant, the strain has sleepy and dreamy effects that can increase your appetite. The strain also comes with a delicious flavor.

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Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast feminized

Amnesia Strain

The Amnesia Lemon strain is created by crossing Amnesia Haze with Lemon Skunk. When grown indoors, it can yield 550 gr/m2 with a flowering time of between eight to nine weeks. It is a mixture of sixty percent Sativa and forty percent Indica. The deliciously flavored strain also helps in stress relief, anxiety relief, and temporary depression relief.

Whichever the cannabis seed, you can always purchase your preferred strain from a weed seed bank website. Place an order using the shopping cart feature. The price of the seeds varies with the number of seeds you want to purchase.

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Quality Cannabis Seeds

Growing quality cannabis requires seeds that have good genetics. Good seeds should be allowed to mature before harvest. The seeds should also be appropriately stored where pathogens cannot spoil them.

Would you like to purchase cannabis seeds in the Northern Territory? Shop for quality seeds of different cannabis strains with guaranteed germination.

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