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California is among the states in America that legalize the growing and consumption of marijuana. The standard type of marijuana strain is Blue Dream, with its popular reference name known as Azure Haze. The strain first made a medical component appearance, and most people believe its place of origin was in Santa Cruz, California.

Blue Dream weed seeds contain several elements. It consists of about 60% Sativa, THC of between 17% and 24% and a CBD level of 2%. It is also a crossbreed of Blueberry Indica and Super Silver Haze, and marijuana consumers in California prefer to smoke this weed strain during the day. It produces a great body relaxation to consumers. Follow this guide for a great review of this cannabis strain.

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Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
60% / 40%21oz/ m221oz/ plant9 – 10 weeks indoors, October outdoors.

How to grow Blue Dream strain

The most exciting aspect of this weed strain is the flavor and aroma. It contains a tantalizing taste of blueberry and sugar that will fill the air and leave a robust taste on your tongue for long periods. The refreshing feel in your brain stays long after you stop smoking. Blue Dream cannabis seeds do relatively well in the Californian outdoor climate.

However, if you wish to grow these seeds in an area with adverse climate, the cannabis seeds will not do too well. Blue Dream does quite well in a subtropical or a Mediterranean climate, and if you live in a place without this type of weather, you can consider growing the plant indoors. The surprising aspect of the plant is that it grows up to six-feet tall, and you need to learn to contain the growth.

Due to the height of the plant, you will need to support the plant and keep it straight while supporting its branches. You will need to find metal stakes to help the branches to prevent the trunk from falling over. Support the cannabis plant in an upright position, and in thirty days, you will need to re-plant it on a large container. .

How Protecting the cannabis plant from pests

Some common pests that will affect Blue Dream weed seeds when you grow them outdoors include raccoons rabbits and deer. You need to beware of small pests, including viruses, fungi, red spider mites, and sun damage. You can visit various stores selling these varieties of weed seeds and find the right pesticide, including the 3-in-1 spray that contains insecticides, fungicide, and miticides.

When you decide to grow the these cannabis seeds indoors, you will notice that flowering time takes eight to ten weeks, and the yield is 400-600/m2. On the outdoors, the cannabis variety matures and is ready for harvest in late October, and the return is 400-600 grams/plant. This weed variety will need you to invest a lot of money on buying certain nutrients.

You can decide to add mycorrhizae the seeds to help the marijuana plant mine for nutrients. The fungus feeds your plant, and the cannabis plant will provide nutrients such as carbohydrates and sugar. You can also decide to use liquid seaweed to water the plants when it is on its vegetative stages and in reverse osmosis.

Benefits of this Cannabis strain

There are several advantages of consuming this Blue strain variety such as:

  • Moderate THC
  • It is also quite easy to grow for beginners
  • It has a sweet-tasting blueberry effect
  • It helps in relieving stress and depression
  • It is an anxiety relief


You can purchase the Blue Dream Cannabis seeds online. All you need to do is use the standard payment method advertised on the website.



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