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Best Soil for Growing Cannabis

Soil is an important part of any cannabis growth. Selecting the best soil for growing marijuana is one of the critical decisions you must make when growing your plants in pots.

It is so essential that it can make the difference between total failure and a successful harvest. Do you prefer sturdy buds or a plant that is so unhealthy such that you won’t even be able to fertilize it next year? That is what the right choice of soil can do.

However, what is the finest soil for marijuana? What is the best pH? What if you grow outdoors? What if you grow indoors? The queries go on and on. Here is a comprehensive guide for the best soil for growing cannabis.

How to Choose the Right Soil Container Size

Your choice of container size determines the size of the root system of the marijuana plant. The more room the roots have, the quicker they mature. You may expect trouble if the roots are larger than your container; hence, choose wisely! You don’t need to exceed a 10 x 10 x 10 cm tray if your plants are seedlings.

After the plant has reached a height of 25 cm, transfer the plant (s) into a vessel that is at minimum twice the size of the first. Once your plant has reached the raised height of 80cm, transplant it to a container of at least 12 liters. If your plant is three feet tall, you will require a bigger box. Continue with this process until harvest.

Quality Soils for Growing Cannabis

Most people refer to cannabis as a weed because it can appear and thrive in various conditions. However, that does not mean you should spread your cannabis seeds around the backyard and wait for them to grow.

It is true your cannabis herb can flourish in a wide variety of soils. However, to thrive— to produce a lot of THC, trichomes, and additional cannabinoids — it requires the right stability of soil variables. These variables are as follows.

  • Sufficient drainage
  • Correct ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Good water retention
  • The proper balance between fungi and bacteria
  • Soil pH should be 6

Natural soil exists in four types: sand, silt, clay, and loam. A nasty surprise awaits you if you think soil is only one type.

Most soils have a combination of a minimum of two out of the four forms. So, it can be silty/clay, loam/clay, sandy/silty, etc. If that’s not confusing enough, there exist different ratios for each type of soil. However, it is a significant consideration, as each has its pros and cons. Let’s explore these soil types.

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1. Sandy Soils

Sandy soil is recognized for its large grain size and low pH. The problem with this kind of soil is its drying speed and difficulty to absorb moisture. Due to these properties, nutrients are easily washed away; particularly, nitrogen is quickly lost from sandy soil. Sandy soil is among the best soil for growing cannabis indoors.


  • Good drainage
  • Avoids compaction
  • Easy to deal with
  • High oxygen content


  • Poor water retention
  • Quick drying
  • Quick nutrient removal
Soil for growing marijuana
Soil for growing weed

2. Silty Soils

Silty soil is made up of minerals like quartz and smooth organic particles. Even though it retains moisture, silt soil has decent drainage and is one of the coolest to work with when damp. Silty soils are also amongst the most productive, giving you a chance for a decent harvest. Regular watering can prolong the duration of the season. Silty soil is a quality type of soil to use for seedlings.


  • Naturally fertile (has nutrients)
  • Stabilizes plants
  • Retains water


  • Poor drainage
  • Compacts easily

3. Loam Soils

Loam soil is a mixture of silt, sand, and clay, usually in a 4:4:2 ratio. It is at minimum 20% organic and can range from easy to deal with to extremely complex. Pinch to identify loam soil. It ought to form a loose ball that seems to be falling apart. This is a prevalent potting soil for marijuana and has a near-neutral pH.


  • Good drainage
  • Naturally fertile
  • Good water retention
  • Easy to toil with
  • High nutrient retention
  • Supports microorganisms
  • High oxygen content


  • Can be expensive
Soil for growing cannabis
Soil for growing marijuana

4. Clay Soils

Clay soil is one of the top organic choices for cannabis strains. Clay consists of tiny crystalline particles that are created by chemical reactions between minerals or other organic resources. You can shape or mold clay soils; however, it has poor drainage and is difficult to work with.

If you are trying to utilize this type of soil, expect it to be difficult for the plant’s roots to enter the surface. This soil has a high pH level. Although it stabilizes the plants, the soil is heavy and generally needs great effort.


  • Provides minerals
  • Stabilizes plants
  • Retains water


  • Poor drainage
  • Heavy soil
  • Difficult to work with

The Best Soil for Growing Cannabis Indoors

In general, you can’t go wrong with a mix of fertilizer and super-organic soil. Super soil provides the ideal combination of nitrogen, carbon phosphorus, and many other nutrients. It is advisable to invest in store-bought potting soil.

The Best Soil for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

If you grow marijuana outdoors, use spongy soil on your hands. It should contain a practical amount of nutrients and good drainage. Store-bought fertilizers and compost can provide a productive and fertile base. Crucial nutrients consist of Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus.

The Importance of Nutrients to Your Soil

Soil is the thing that sustains all non-hydroponic plant gardens. Made from organic matter such as animal manure, humus, and compost, on top of beneficial fungi and microbes, fertile natural soil is alive. It mixes well with the micro and macro-nutrients necessary for your organic marijuana plants to flourish.

It is important to comprehend the valuable role that every nutrient plays in the cannabis plant’s development process. You can see that even organic soil can break down over time and require an additional supply of these vital nutrients. If you are working with soil systems outdoors, you might also require to add a mixture of the soil nutrients before sowing begins. Otherwise, you prepare for potential frustrations and failures.

Recognizing the purpose of specific nutrients can assist you in identifying and addressing deficiencies in the initial stages. This would, in turn, save your crop and ensure a bountiful harvest. So, what are the best nutrients for growing cannabis in soil?

Macro-nutrients: MVP

A healthy natural soil system needs these macro-nutrients: potassium (K), phosphorus (P), and nitrogen (N). While other components are also essential to the soil’s general viability, these three are generally needed in the largest amounts.


Nitrogen is a critical part of chlorophyll. This is the green pigment that allows plants to utilize sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose (energy) and oxygen. Without this, your organic weed plants will starve and will not be able to grow.

Your plants require nitrogen in each growth phase. In addition to helping with photosynthesis, nitrogen is also part of amino acids, which are the building chunks of proteins. Just as the protein helps us build stronger muscles, it helps your plants grow more robust so that they can carry denser and bigger buds.

Nitrogen is also an important part of RNA and DNA. Without it, organic marijuana plants cannot multiply or grow.

However, gardeners should know that excess nitrogen can be as bad for their plants as scanty. Excess nitrogen causes an overgrowth of stems and leaves and destabilized root systems. It might also be poisonous to the surrounding water and underground systems.

In case you suspect a lack of nitrogen or excess, test the soil before taking any action. If you require to add nitrogen to the organic soil structure, you may do so using animal manure, compost, fish meal, and blood meal.


Without phosphorus, you don’t have big, healthy natural cannabis buds. Phosphorus plays a huge role in respiration, photosynthesis, storage, cell division, and water and energy use. It is a fundamental part of the maturity and growth of cannabis.

You get to know that your plants don’t access sufficient phosphorus from the soil if you notice the following symptoms: stunted growth, weak stems, little-to-no flowering, and blue-green leaves.

Like all other things in life, excess of a good thing is bad. Excess phosphorus is harmful to the soil structure and neighboring environments; therefore, ensure your plants need it before you add it to the soil.

If you are sure, you require phosphorus, search for these organic sources: compost, rock phosphate, bone or fish meal, and animal manure.


Potassium is accountable for regulating the amount of water and salt in the plants’ stems so that they do not wilt. It plays a part in energy transfer and photosynthesis as well.

Without proper potassium levels, your cannabis plants will be weak and lack the macro-nutrients needed to keep the stems strong enough to maintain healthy buds. Lack of potassium may also cause yellowish leaves with sharp or burned edges.

Conversely, too much phosphorus can affect your plant’s ability to absorb other nutrients; hence, be careful before adding the fertilizer. A soil test from the lawn center or online may save you future frustration.

You may supplement your soil using these sources of organic phosphorus: seaweed meal, hardwood ash, and alfalfa meal. You may also add a little clay soil to increase the phosphorus content.

Other Necessary Nutrients

Your natural weed plants also require sufficient amounts of the calcium and magnesium and these micro-nutrients: iron, zinc, manganese, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, silicon, chlorine, and boron. The concluding nutrients are required in much smaller amounts; however, they are still vital for plants’ healthy growth.

Top Cannabis Nutrients to Buy in Australia

1. Plant Protector

The Plant Protector System provides a safe wall between diseases and pests and your crops. You no longer have to worry about the damaging effects of invading fungi, pesky invertebrates, and destructive bacteria. This crop protection system has been carefully designed to prevent and cure many common diseases and pests. This pack comes with bug blaster, root protector, and mold control.


The crop protector system is delivered in securely sealed airtight container. This allows you to store the phytosanitary nutrients for a longer period. You can get this pack for only $39.


  • Entails three 20 ml containers
  • Adequate supply of crop protection systems for about 20 plants
  • Appropriate for hydroponics, soil, and all other growing substrates.

Usage of Bug Blaster

For great results, apply the bug blaster when it starts to get dark. Double doses for severe insect and vermin infestation. Follow these steps.

  • Measure out a Bug Blaster cap and dissolve it in a liter of water (approximately 1 liter) in a crop sprayer with a fine mist
  • Spray this solution from top to bottom over the plants, concentrating on the leaves’ underside, where the pests can hide.
  • Repeat this after every five days

Usage of Root Protector

For quality results, use the root guard at the initial sign of daylight. Use double doses for more damage. To apply, follow the steps below.

  • Measure a cap of Root Protector and put it in a liter of water
  • Spray the solution evenly between your plants
  • Use running water to wash the crops and apply the solution over their roots

Usage of Mold Control

Fungi are tough to detect with the bare eyes. This is why it is best to be practical and use fungus control to guard your plants.

Use this product early in the evening for the best outcomes. In case you have any noticeable damage, utilize a double dose. These are the usage steps.

  • Measure a cap of Mold Control and dissolve in 1 liter of water in a crop sprayer with a fine mist
  • Spray this solution from top to bottom over the plants and pay close attention to the underside of the leaves; pests hiding place

2. Marijuana Fertilizer Package

ILGM Marijuana Fertilizer contains everything cannabis plants require to produce a generous harvest. Perfect for whole crops, this set includes Grow-time Fertilizer, Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer, Plant Booster, and Flower-time Fertilizer. Just supply your light source, growing medium, and water, and this fertilizer will do the remaining work. Get this fertilizer for only $39.


  • Has all the nutrients you require from sprout to harvest
  • Sufficient nutrients for around five plants
  • Has combined offer with a discount
  • Appropriate for hydroponics, soil, and other cultivating substrates

Usage of Marijuana Fertilizers

Use the steps below when applying the fertilizer.

  • Dissolve the directed gram of nutritional powder in a liter of tap water at room temperature (20ºC/68ºF)
  • Mix well and regulate to an optimal pH value if necessary
  • Use it with other Bergman plant fertilizers for best results

3. High Yield Marijuana Grow Kit

This grow kit contains everything you require to grow a large number of yummy big buds. It also contains nutrients for each step, so you do not have to think about the fertilizer to use for the stage your crop is in. As an added advantage, this kit comes with a marijuana crop protector set that protects your plants from unpleasant surprises such as insects and fungi. You can get this package for only $179.


  • Has all you require to grow from seedling to bud!
  • Supports 20 high-yield feminized Big Bud seeds
  • Enough fertilizer for 5 to 10 plants
  • Has crop protector for around 20 plants

Usage Guide

  • Always consider your situation and apply nutrients correctly
  • Dissolve the directed gram of nutritional powder in one liter of tap water at room temperature (20ºC / 68ºF)
  • Mix well and adjust to an optimal pH value if necessary

4. Grow Kit for Beginners

This grow kit is impeccable for when you are starting. It contains auto-flowering seeds, so you do not have to worry about illumination schedules for your plants to flower. Using these auto-flowers, you can harvest marijuana in 10 weeks only! It also contains nutrients for each step, so you do not have to figure out the right fertilizer for your plant-based on the stage. You can get this kit at an affordable price of $169.


  • Has 20 feminized seeds White Widow Auto-flowering
  • Has Marijuana fertilizer for 5 to 10 plants
  • Contains a crop protector for 20 plants

Usage Guide

  • Always consider your situation and apply nutrients correctly
  • Mix the indicated gram of nutritional powder in one liter of tap water at the room temperature (20ºC/68ºF)
  • Mix well and change to an optimal pH value if necessary

5. White Widow Grow Kit

This kit contains all that you need to grow a variety of tasty White Widow buds. It also contains nutrients for each step, so you do not have to contemplate the correct fertilizer. As an added advantage, this kit comes with a Plant Protector that protects the plants from unpleasant surprises such as fungi and pests. Get this product for only $169.


Usage Guide

  • Always apply the nutrients correctly
  • Dissolve the directed gram of nutritional powder in one liter of tap water at room temperature (20ºC / 68ºF)
  • Mix evenly and regulate to an optimal pH value

Finally, choosing the best soil for growing cannabis is vital. Also, if you plan to purchase nutrients to improve the quality of the yield you get, consider one of the above ILGM products. Contact us if you have any questions.



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