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6 Best Indica Strains


Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are varieties of the same plant, cannabis. Most of the popular cannabis strains are a mixture of both Indica and Sativa. As such, even in the “indica” strains discussed below, most are mixtures. The only difference is that indica is more dominant than sativa.

Cannabis indica thrives organically in sub-tropical climates. Mostly, this variety grows in these countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Lebanon
  • Tibet

It has the name “indica” because the first discovery of this cannabis variety happened in India.

Cannabis indica is a very potent species. According to Wikipedia, it has high volumes of Tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical component that causes euphoria. High THC is responsible for the intoxicating feeling when you use it.

Cannabis indica has an effect of numbing the body, otherwise referred to as the “stoning’ effect. It produces relaxing and soothing feelings that help relieve chronic pain. It also helps to reduce nausea and increase appetite.

Here are some of the indica-pure or indica-dominant strains.

  • Afghan (pure indica- 100%)
  • Granddaddy Purple (pure indica- 100%)
  • Northern lights (90% indica, 10% sativa)
  • Blue Cheese 80%
  • Cherry Pie 80%
  • OG Kush
Afghan Strain
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Afghan is a popular strain among breeders of indica weed due to its precious resin, and easy to grow qualities. Its effects are significant, and the euphoria is intoxicating. It treats insomnia and gives you a pleasant “high.” You feel like you are drunk, but not really in that way. You retain your good sense of judgment despite that feeling.

Afghani is ideal for use when you are experiencing so much anxiety that you cannot sleep. It reduces the feelings of stress and depression; you feel happy.

Many growers use it for crossbreeding with other varieties. Afghani survives in any conceivable environmental conditions, and it is easy to grow. It flowers within two months. This strain does not take so much of your time as you take care of it. Afghani has survived extreme weather conditions for many years- a trait that it passes on genetically.

Granddaddy Purple
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Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is another pure indica strain, just like the Afghani. The name “purple’ is because of its cute purple flowering. GDP grows a big, and smells like a mixture of grapes and berries- this makes it pleasant to smoke.

What GDP Does

GDP is prevalent among smokers of weed, and even among marijuana patients. Those who express difficulties trying to find sleep and those nursing fatigue can all find refuge in Granddaddy purple.

For recreation, GDP is a great stimulating agent. It is one of the best indica strains, and it excites you with an intoxicating effect. The good thing with it is that you will enjoy the high feeling without losing your mental focus. It, however, tends to create the “statue” moment. You can easily find yourself fixated at one spot while your mind was wandering in a daydream. That makes it better to use when you are not planning to go out in public so much.

GDP can relieve:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of appetite

Granddaddy Purple is gentle for first-time users, and it does not give them unpleasant hangovers. However, it is advisable that as a new user, you do not become so over-enthusiastic. You may want to begin with one or two puffs and then wait to feel how it takes you before you proceed. GDP has a potent punch.

GDP can grow outside under natural sunlight and healthy environmental conditions. The crop begins flowering as in the middle of the third month after germination. For best results, this crop requires medium humidity levels. Whole irrigating, give it just enough water- neither too much nor too little.

Northern Lights Strain
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Northern Lights

Although Northern Lights is not 100% indica, only 10% of it is sativa. It has a THC level of almost 20%. It, therefore, goes without saying why this strain is so potent in inducing deep sleep or stoning. Northern Lights weed traces its origin together with other indica strains from the Middle East.

The aroma of this strain is so sweet that not only do you smell, but also feel its taste. Its buds come in several attractive and bright colors. The plant grows strong with broad leaves of deep green shade.

The Northern Lights strain grows well under good natural sunlight and warmth. However, it can still thrive if you grow it indoors. That said, the outdoor yields are usually higher than indoors. The Northern Lights is one of the best indica strains in terms of popularity in the medicinal market.

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Blue Cheese

The ratio of indica to sativa in Blue Cheese is 8:2. This ratio means that the indica component is 80% of the whole strain. Although indica-dominant, Blue Cheese is a result of crossbreeding blueberry and UK Cheese, hence the name “blue cheese.”

This indica strain has not so far indicated a THC of more than 20% but not less than15 in percentage. Having THC at that level suggests that its potency is high. Blue Cheese helps in eliminating stress and pain largely.

The effects it leaves in your body include:

  • Spontaneous happiness
  • Intoxicating euphoria
  • A high “lifted” feeling
  • Induced sleepiness

Diseases rarely have any chance with Blue Cheese. Due to this factor, this indica weed is popular with growers in both indoors and outside the house growing. It can do well in moderate climates, but the best results come from growing it under cold conditions.

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Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is another indica-rich hybrid. It tastes like cherry and a mixture of other fruit-based smells. It produces healthy leaves that turn purplish-orange when ripe for picking.

Effects of Cherry Pie

Cherry pie has a potent THC measure, which can hit above 20% if the crop grows under the optimal conditions. Like most indica strains, it helps the mind and the body to feel relaxed. Also, Cherry Pie has effects of raising excitement and curing bad moods.

On the medicinal front, this strain does the following:

It can help in managing posttraumatic stress disorder.

  • Relieves acute pains
  • It cures insomnia
  • Calms depression
  • Suppresses migraines

The downsides of Cherry Pie include the tendency of its effects to disappear after only a short time. Also, you may experience dry mouth and eyes.

Growing Cherry pie requires replicating Mediterranean climates. However, this is only for the best professional results. It can also grow in indoor and outdoor conditions anywhere. Cherry Pies is ripe for picking after three months.

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OG Kush

From the name “OG,” you can tell that it probably acquired a pet name from people who were fond of it. The OG is one of the best indica strains among users who value the quality of weed.

OG relieves stress and anxiety very fast when you use it for medicinal purposes. Even as it helps your body deal with unwanted conditions, it gives a sense of happiness throughout the entire time its effects last.

On the downside, OG can induce unexplained paranoia and headaches. You will also need to increase water intake or use lip balm to reduce the effects of a dry mouth.

The OG Kush grows well indoors and out and requires medium humidity conditions. It flowers within two months after germination, and the yields may not be too much.

Which indica weed is your favorite?

Many growers have come up with so many crossbreeds that you may not be able to tell, which is the pure form of your breed is. However, you can also take part in preserving your favorite by engaging in the right cultivation using the appropriate seeds.


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