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BC Big Bud

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BC Big Bud seeds

BC Big bud weed seeds are popular for producing massive yields. This British Colombian cannabis is crossly related to the Big Bud strain. However, while Netherlands Big Bud is dominantly Indica strain, BC Bud cannabis is mostly Sativa cross.

As the name suggests, BC Bud produces big buds. It has its origin in British Columbia and has been stabilized after a sativa cross. It is an offspring of a cross between Big Bud and unspecified Sativa strain. As a result, this tropical scented herb portrays Sativa traits such as sativa-like leaves.

BC Bud seeds are relatively large. They can be grown indoors or outside. However, it would help if you took the utmost care to avoid mold. BC Bud Seeds are endeared to commercial growers due to massive yields and early maturity.

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Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
35%/65%31 ounces per square meter29 ounces or more per plant8-9 weeks

BC Bud Traits

This BC Bud cannabis plant has a somewhat compact bud structure. It grows to a medium height producing bright green colors. Additionally, it has a pleasing aroma and pungent but sweet, tropical fragrance.

However, THC strain enthusiasts may not find these plants suitable. BC Bud weed THC content range between 14 and 16 percent, which is significantly lower compared to contemporary standards.

Growing BC Big Bud Cannabis Seeds

BC Big Bud cannabis is not suitable for beginners. It is highly vulnerable to mold and requires high extra care. Therefore, you should maintain ideal humidity all time to prevent mold growth. Here is the good news. This weed plant boasts of early growth. You can grow it outdoor or indoor.

Growing BC Bud Cannabis Indoor

BC Big Bud weed seeds grow quite fast, taking about eight to nine weeks to flower. You can grow it on soil or hydroponics. You must prune and trim properly to give your plants a lateral growth. Despite the risk and high demanding job, cultivating this cannabis hybrid is quite rewarding. A square meter produces about 31 ounces.

Outdoor Growth

The dense buds of BC Bud cannabis are covered with resin. The big branch structure develops overflowing flowers, which may become too heavy for the stem. Therefore you should ensure you provide support by tying bottom branches to prevent breakage.

You can source BC Big Bud cannabis seeds from reputable breeders. Alternatively, you can breed the parent strain of the BC Big Bud cannabis strain.

Medical Benefits of BC Bud Cannabis

BC Bud is a stress reliever and induces cerebral euphoria. Fortunately, it does not cause a numbing buzz. This citrus smelling cannabis also relieves stomach upset and pain.

Effects of BC Buds Intake

BC Bud is a hard-hitting cannabis strain with transcending effects. It induces euphoric cerebral high that become energizing as the effects intensify.

Ultimately, it leaves you with a happy feeling. Its Indica content eases your mind. The weed stabilizes users and keeps cerebral high within control. Besides happiness, BC Bud users report feeling creative and relaxed.

On the negative side, this hybrid strain causes a dry throat and droopy red eyes. You may also experience starving as an adverse reaction hours after consumption. Intake of Big Bud weed can also cause adverse effects if consumption exceeds the personal tolerance limit. Some of these adverse effects include anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. It is highly advisable to consume BC Big Bud in moderation.

Flavors and Fragrance

BC Buds have an almost undetectable mild skunky note and distinct fruity orange flavor. However, its aroma is quite straightforward. Smoking this BC Bud weed leaves a tangy lingering taste after smoking.


BC Big Bud weed seeds are favorite among cannabis growers due to fast growth. Similarly, many consumers endear it due to its numerous benefits. This sweet-smelling cannabis has a knack for providing a soothing mental lift and up and general relaxation. It is your ideal choice if you are looking for a natural pain reliever and stomach upset treatment.


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